Are you suitable?

Most men experiencing vascular caused erection problems are suitable for the Vigore treatment. It is also ideal for those who do not have 'failures' and just wish to rejuvenate their sexual performance or erection strength and reliability.

The Vigore treatment has the highest success rates for men encountering:

  • Vascular related erection problems due to age and/or lifestyle
  • Mild to moderate erectile dysfunction (ED)

Whilst severe cases are treatable it has been noted that there may be a need to use drugs such as Viagra or Cialis which may not have worked before but when combined with the Vigore treatment have shown to work afterwards. We will however not expect nor suggest 80% success rates for problems caused by factors other than vascular or age related.

There are some factors which cause erectile dysfunction that are not treatable using the Vigore method. A consultation will determine whether Vigore treatment is right for you or not.