Vigore™ is the innovative and proven treatment protocol for erectile weakness and dysfunction provided by the Regenerative Medical Group Limited (RMG).

RMG has a network of clinics, dedicated to providing expert insight into improving long-term erectile function and male sexual health.

The Vigore™ treatment protocol uses a proven soundwave technology device, known as low intensity shock wave therapy. The procedure is non-invasive, painless and is a once-only treatment which helps control the symptoms and confidence issues that you may suffer due to erectile weakness and dysfunction. Vigore™ treatment works by encouraging the penis to grow, rejuvenate and re-build new blood vessels, called angiogenesis. Unlike medicines which attempt to control symptoms of ED, Vigore™ treats the source of erectile weakness & dysfunction and encourages the restoration of natural function to combat common ED symptoms.


Vigore™ is….

Painless; it’s a non-invasive treatment protocol

Drug free; it’s a once-only treatment series with no medicines

Effective; expect noticeable results within six weeks

Without Side Effects; Vigore™ is medicine-free


Vigore™ as a once-only treatment series for erectile dysfunction, which delivers a real physiological change within 4-6 weeks for up to 80% of men. Furthermore, studies have shown that effectiveness may last three years or more with the Vigore™ treatment protocol.


Who can benefit from Vigore™

Vigore™  should be considered if you experience ANY of the below conditions. You do not necessarily need to suffer from erectile dysfunction to benefit from Vigore.

  • Are your erections less reliable than before, or are your erections less firm than you want?
  • Do you sometimes struggle to stay firm for your partner, and would you like spontaneity back?
  • Are you taking ED pills quite often and would you rather not?
  • Is your response to ED pills getting lower and softer?
  • Are you a diabetes sufferer and has this condition affected your sex life?
  • Have you undergone prostatectomy and would you like to know if Vigore™ can help?
  • Are you getting a little bit older and you just want a more youthful performance in your sex-life?

What to expect

  • Please contact us by phone or by e-mail. All communication will be in medical confidence and will be handled by our experienced and tactful team.
  • We will put you in contact with one of our high quality clinics at a location of your choice.
  • You will attend a face to face consultation with a doctor that is able to provide the Vigore™ treatment protocol. Alternatively you may choose to use the mobile application with Now GP, our simple to use online Doctor service.
  • You will be asked some medical questions by the doctor; this will include a detailed history in order to establish the exact nature and potential cause of the erectile problems that you are experiencing. The doctor will determine suitability and recommend and discuss a treatment plan for you. You may then choose to proceed with the Vigore™ treatment protocol.

Hundreds of men have successfully undergone the Vigore™ treatment protocol, please join them …