Vigore Cost


We make sure that the full Vigore cost is as transparent as possible. We pride ourselves on offering one of the most innovative treatments around with the sole purpose of ensuring you are absolutely satisfied with the results.

A minimum of 4 Vigore treatments is required for the procedure to be complete.

In some severe cases, the doctor may recommend further treatments.

Costs should be compared with many other lifestyle treatments however Vigore can be LIFECHANGING.

Outside London:

The Vigore cost is generally slightly lower outside of London but will still vary from clinic to clinic.

Finance Options:

We can, through a third party, offer an option to finance the treatments over a 12 month payment period. 6 month payment terms are for selected clinics. (Excluding Candover).

Please contact Conister bank on 01624 694694 and ask for financing for the Vigore treatment.