VIGORE™ is…the Innovative Proven Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

Facts about erectile dysfunction and why Vigore™ is the innovative proven treatment you should choose

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the loss of quality erections, either difficulty creating an erection or problems maintaining erections are common signs. Soft and unreliable erections typically occur as a result of lifestyle (smoking, alcohol, recreational drugs, some prescription medicines) and ageing with up to 50% of men suffering ED in the 40 plus age group.

ED will have caused the reduction in the number of small blood vessels that supply and support firm erections in the penis. ED medicines increase the flow of blood in the blood vessels that remain; as such medicines like the little blue pill improve ED symptoms, but not the physiological causes. ED medicines have frequent and common side effects due to raising blood flow and pressure in areas other than the penis. Men with diabetes are also more commonly associated with conditions such as erectile dysfunction.

What is Vigore

Vigore™ is a once-only treatment series which helps control the symptoms and confidence issues that you may suffer due to erectile weakness and dysfunction. Vigore™ is an energy treatment which encourages the penis to grow, rejuvenate and re-build new blood vessels, called angiogenesis. Unlike medicines which attempt to control symptoms of ED, Vigore™ treats the source of erectile weakness & dysfunction and encourages the restoration of natural function to combat common ED symptoms.

Vigore™ is….
Painless; it’s a non-invasive treatment procedure
Drug free; it’s a once-only treatment series with no medicines
Effective; expect noticeable results within six weeks
Without Side Effects; Vigore™ is medicine-free

Vigore™ as a once-only treatment series for erectile dysfunction, which delivers a real physiological change within 4-6 weeks for up to 80% of men. Furthermore, studies have shown that effectiveness may last three years or more with Vigore™ treatment. The youngest man to have been treated with Vigore ™ (a diabetes sufferer), was 27, and the eldest, 84. The Vigore™ treatment for erectile dysfunction has been shown to be effective with 80% of men suffering from vascular related erectile dysfunction.

Vigore will support all of its statements with clinical evidence published in peer reviewed journals or papers submitted at credible forums. These are available upon request at


First - a consultation with an independent doctor of your choice. This consultation is to ensure that you are suitable and will benefit from Vigore treatment.

Secondly – Vigore treatment  occurs over four 20 minute sessions. The space between the sessions will be mutually agreed with the doctor.

In return you can expect noticeable results within six weeks.




Restoring performance and confidence

Success stories

Ian Botham - close up - Vigore Cure for Erectile Dysfunction Ambassador

Worked for me

"I’ve recently undergone the Vigore treatment and it’s one of the best health decisions I’ve made.”**

vigore treatment

Piers Hernu Testimonial




Dr Sherif Wakil

Dr Sherif Wakil explains how it works

“We wind back the clock and rejuvenate the tissue, increasing blood supply to the penis.”**

Dr Sherif Wakil

Can erectile dysfunction really be cured with soundwaves?

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Patient testimonials

Jim, Surrey

“Fantastic result from Vigore. It has really improved my sex life and given me the confidence to perform.”

Piete, Essex

“Since having Vigore my erections have improved and are much more spontaneous than before so I don’t need to rely so much on medication”

Steve Rogers, London

“Vigore has made a big difference.  Whereas before I needed the help of a pill every time, I only have half a pill now occasionally (when I am stressed at work.)  My erections are much much stronger and it feels more sensitive also, it even feels bigger but that’s not supposed to happen is it? I would recommend this treatment to anyone and I will be telling my mates”

Phil, 56, Bristol, UK

"I've noticed a significant improvement in my erection since undergoing treatment. I'm really satisfied with the result"

Prof. Raj Persad, Bristol, UK

“This treatment is, in my view, just like time travel for your sex life – restoring a reliable, more youthful performance and the confidence that goes with it. Being able to gently apply sound wave technology to the problem area and restore natural performance and reliability makes this one of the simplest, yet most effective treatments I have seen.”