Piete, Essex

"Since having Vigore my erections have improved and are much more spontaneous than before so I don't need to rely so much on medication"

Steve Rogers, London

"Vigore has made a big difference.  Whereas before I needed the help of a pill everytime, I only have half a pill now occasionally (when I am stressed at work.)  My erections are much much stronger and it feels more sensitive also, it even feels bigger but that's not supposed to happen is it? I would recommend this treatment to anyone and I will be telling my mates”

Dr Terng Chen, Consultant Urological Surgeon, Worcester and surrounds

Patient 1 - "I can now achieve an erection and penetration to the satisfaction of my partners" 

Patient 2 - "After some 6-8 weeks, I found that things started to react and yes results! Thank you for your help and support in treating me, and for the record I think that patients should be informed that the healing can take 6 to 8 weeks and not to panic if results are not immediate" 

Patient 3 - "Once again, thank you for treating me, this has made a big impact on my life, which is very much appreciated" 

Michael, London, Post Prostatectomy and Radiotherapy

"I am pleased to say that I did find the treatment beneficial. In general, my erections seem to be stronger and more active, with greater staying power and regular morning "hard ons", which has enhanced my performance and given me greater confidence.

I still use 5mg of Cialis when I feel the need arises, but less so than before."