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Do you suffer from
erectile dysfunction?

You need to consider Vigore’s once-only ED treatment with 70% + success rate & noticeable different in just 6 weeks!

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    If you want better quality and reliable erections you need Vigore™… a scientifically proven long-term solution to improving erections and erectile dysfunction (ED).

    What is Vigore™?

    Vigore™ is an innovative high-tech treatment for erectile problems which works by rebuilding the blood vessels that make your penis grow to give you better erections.

    Vigore™ uses the very latest shockwave therapy to treat erectile problems at the source, allowing you to regain your sexual confidence without the need for drugs. No medicine, no pain and no hassle.

    non-invasive ED cure


    No side effects:
    no medicines / drugs


    Fast acting:
    Results within 6 weeks
    after treatment


    Only takes 30 minutes
    (4 sessions required)

    Why choose Vigore™?

    When having trouble getting an erection, the most effective solution is to treat the cause not the symptoms. Whereas other treatments use medicines to control your symptoms, Vigore™ is designed to get straight to the cause of your erectile problem, thereby reversing the effects of aging and vascular deterioration. In simple terms, you get your mojo back!

    How Vigore™ works?

    It is a completely non-invasive treatment which uses low intensity Shockwave Therapy (LSWT) in four areas around your penis. It takes just 30 minutes*, it is completely pain free, there are no known side-effects and the results can be seen within just 6 weeks.

    *A course of 4 treatments is recommended to achieve optimum results.

    "Studies show that Vigore™ is successful for up to 84 per cent of patients, including those whose ED problem is associated with diabetes. In one specific study, around 50 per cent of those treated were able to perform sexually (without using medication) in the first month after the shockwave treatment."

    - Dr.Sherif Wakil

    About Vigore™

    Vigore™ is the very latest erectile dysfunction treatment which is provided, via a network of clinics throughout the UK and the Costa del Sol in Southern Spain.

    We are dedicated to providing expert insight into improving long-term erectile function and male sexual health. The Vigore™ process uses, low intensity shock wave therapy, the latest soundwave technology, to deliver a completely pain-free, non-invasive ED treatment.

    This is a tried and tested system that treats erectile dysfunction by rebuilding the blood cells (local angiogenesis) that encourage the penis to grow. Unlike medicines which try to control the symptoms of ED, Vigore™ gets straight to the root of the problem.

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    " I’ve recently undergone the Vigore treatment and it’s one of the best health decisions I’ve made. "

    Sir Ian Botham, UK Cricket Legend

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