Men – Don’t suffer in Silence!

I’ve recently undergone the Vigore treatment and it’s one of the best health decisions I’ve made.

Too many guys are afraid to face up to the fact that they are getting older and things don’t work as well as they used to. Many fail to take action to maintain their health, including their confidence in the bedroom, which effects them and their partners.

Vigore helps restore and improve erection strength, reliability and spontaneity and as a result self confidence. It can wind the clock back on your sex life. It’s simple, painless and a quick course of treatments that is clinically proven to work in most cases and it does so without the nasty side effects you can get with conventional pills.

Top Urologists reassured me that Vigore uses the very latest medical technology to regenerate blood vessels and provide permanent new blood flow to the areas that matter. Its a real step forward in treating this issue.

I am not afraid to tell my mates over 40, or anyone with heart or blood pressure problems, about the benefits of Vigore to future proof their sex lives.

You may not be aware that in the UK alone around 5 million men suffer, mostly in silence with erection problems when ~20% of relationships break down because of a lack of intimacy. In my view its better to get it sorted.

I’m happy to recommend Vigore offered by the Regenerative Medical Group and they will provide a screening first to ensure you are suitable.

Sir Ian Botham