Introducing Vigore, the only longer term solution to erectile problems with zero side effects.

Erectile problems remain something of a ‘taboo’ topic amongst men in the United Kingdom. It’s not something that many males feel comfortable discussing or even admitting to suffering from. You might think you’re alone, but that couldn’t be further from the truth – there are millions of men across the country suffering from similar problems, unsure of where to turn. We think it’s time we talked about ED with Vigore NOW offering a longer term solution to treating the cause of ED and not the symptom.

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Vigore is a pain-free treatment carried out by experienced medical professionals. In just four 20 minute sessions – recommended to be taken on a weekly basis – we can help many men suffering from vascular related ED to restore erectile performance and help you take a major step towards improving your sex life.

How does it work? Vigore uses Renova technology, a treatment designed to target the source of erectile problems rather than the symptoms. It is a quick, low intensity shockwave treatment known as Linear Shockwave Therapy (LSWT.) We offer the treatment in select UK clinics, administered by expert medical professionals. Four different areas of the groin and penis are targeted to increase blood supply to the penis to improve erectile function. It’s a non-invasive and painless treatment.

Introducing Vigore LSWT REnova

Our treatment is the only longer-term solution to erectile dysfunction. It boasts around 80% success rate for vascular caused ED based on several clinical studies and operations internationally.

There are of course alternative methods out there, but Vigore is the only treatment with absolutely zero known side effects. Drugs or other superficial treatments have wavering success rates and may only be effective for a matter of hours – Vigore’s treatment leads to longer term results* which could transform your life and the life of your partner (* based on 2.5 years of treatment history.)

We do what we do because erectile dysfunction is something that affects males and their partners all over the world. There are around five million men in the UK alone who suffer from ED, but this can be changed with a treatment which is safe, painless and carries no long-term health risks. Vigore wants to transform the lives of men of all ages who suffer from this damaging sexual health problem.

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