We take a look at the link between good cardiovascular health and a healthy sex life. 

One thing that we’re always keen to point out is the importance of a healthy lifestyle and having good general fitness when it comes to battling erectile dysfunction. We’ve touched upon it in previous blogs – those are overweight, unfit, and make poor lifestyle choices with regard to diet, excessive alcohol consumption or drug taking are undoubtedly at higher risk of falling down on the job sexually.

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Several studies have found ED to be linked in some way to cardiovascular health and the ability to achieve and maintain an erection comes through a complex system of blood vessels. Simply put, and without getting too technical, when problems arise with this sytem, the penis cannot get erect.

We came across a rather interesting study recently, conducted by Los Angeles-based specialist Dr. Adriana Vidal*. Vidal and her team analysed the physical activity undertaken by a diverse group of 300 men, categorising them in terms of their activeness. These men also reported their levels of sexual function, including their ability to have an erection, ability to orgasm, and the general quality and frequency of their erections and overall sexual function.

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The results categorically found that those men who exercised the most were also the most likely to achieve higher scores in sexual function. In terms of sexual enjoyment and performance, men who expended 18 METS (a measurement of energy exerted through exercise) were the highest scorers. 18 METS is equivalent to two hours of strenuous exercise (such as running or swimming), three and a half hours of moderate exercise or six hours of light exercise.

If you resume exercise you may improve your cardiovascular health, however, you are unlikely to replace lost or blocked micro vessels in the penis and thus erections are not going to resume like the past or maybe not at all.

Vigore is designed to regenerate those local vessels and, together with exercise and a healthy diet, the prospect of more spontaneous erections, as well as more endurance, will increase proportionally with your cardio health.

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Why not try starting a light exercise routine in conjunction with your Vigore sessions to improve performance as much as possible? Not only does exercise carry cardiovascular benefits, it can also often alleviate stress and act as an escape-route from anxiety and psychological problems which also carry strong likes to ED. Of course, it’s important to check with your doctor before beginning an exercise programme.

*Source: Simon R, Howard L, Zapata D, Frank J, Freedland S, Vidal A. The Association of Exercise with both Erectile and Sexual Function in Black and White Men. The Journal of Sexual Medicine. 2015.

For more information on Vigore and how it can benefit your sex life, get in touch with our specialist team. You can reach us at enquiries@vigore.co.uk.