Seven simple lifestyle changes which can help boost self-confidence and increase self-esteem

Self-confidence is one of the most important attributes you can carry as a man. It brings unrivalled benefits not just to your romantic relationships, but to your everyday life too. Have belief in yourself and others will also believe in you – but how do you get there?

We’ve put together some advice on how you can make little changes to the way you think, the way you behave and how you are perceived by others which can boost your self-esteem, increase your self-confidence and lead to improved relationships and an all-around happier you. The most impressive results can often come from the simplest changes, so here are seven small things you can do to become a more confident person.

1. The power of good posture

There is an obvious link between the way you feel and your body language. What most don’t know, though, is that it works both ways – bad body language and posture can have a negative effect on how you feel on the inside. Scientific research has proven that a person’s physical and emotional state can improve by maintaining good posture – keep your shoulders back, your chest and head up and keep your back straight and strong. Good body language asserts confidence – no one likes a sloucher.

man slouching at desk

2. Take pride in your apperance

We’re not saying you have to start wearing a flashy suit whenever you nip to the newsagent, but it’s important to take pride in your appearance. Think twice before automatically picking up your ten-year-old tracksuit bottoms covered in stains from last night’s curry – make an effort to look like you’re in control of your appearance, and your confidence will grow.
man styling hair mirror

3. Be clear and confident when speaking

Being able to convey your point with speech is a vital component of everyday life. If you’re a mumbler or can’t look people in the eye whilst having a conversation, if you’re scared to speak your mind or believe your opinion isn’t important, you’ll exude fear and a lack of confidence. Talk with a purpose and don’t be afraid to share your opinion. There’s no quick and easy fix for this, it comes with practice – you need to work on it until you have confidence in yourself and what you are saying.

man giving speech

4. Don’t be afraid to praise others

A lot of people tend to confuse confidence with arrogance – don’t. Arrogance isn’t something you want to aspire to have; cowardly people will try to make others feel smaller to make themselves feel better, but confident people aren’t afraid to express their opinions and compliment people in a genuine way. It’s all about portraying yourself in the best way possible – as a genuinely nice person who has time for others and is confident enough to make them feel good about themselves.

encouraging friends

5. The power of positive thinking

Despite how bad things might get, you have to remember that life is full of ups and downs and that there is no point dwelling on the negatives. Telling yourself that you’ll never get a girlfriend, that you’re not very good in bed, that you don’t look good or aren’t popular isn’t going to do anything to make you appear more confident; you have to believe that everything is going to work out and that you will become the person you want to be. Confident people are not negative people – simple as that.

man staring at sky

6. Look after yourself

We touched upon the importance of looking good on the outside, but what about on the inside? The old saying that your body is a temple couldn’t be more accurate – be aware of what you are eating, drinking or taking and how it’s affecting your insides. Eating healthily, exercising, steering away from drugs and drink and keeping active will not only result in you looking better, but also feeling better. A better you is a more confident you.

man stretching yoga

7. Keep at it – persistence prevails

“I need to become more confident”. “I need to lose some weight”. “I need to eat better” – three common New Year’s resolutions and quite often three broken promises to yourself. You need to accept that changing how you feel and how you’re perceived by others is no quick fix, and you need to keep at it until you get the results you want. Improving your posture or taking up exercise isn’t something you can do for a week and then forget about – have some perseverance and stick at it. Before too long, you’ll be feeling better about yourself and ready to take on whatever comes your way.

man walking hill

Issues such as erectile dysfunction (ED) and other sexual health problems can be known to sap the confidence from males, and it’s not always an easy thing to repair. Perhaps you’ve never felt truly confident in yourself to begin with, which could well be the source of some of your troubles in the bedroom.

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