We look at the stigma surrounding Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and how we can combat it with Vigore treatment.

There is an old guy at a dance club that I sometimes attend who tells all the girls that he has the Porsche outside and the Viagra inside. Apparently, it sometimes works!

There are some health subjects that remain a taboo. We never used to talk about cancer. Today, everyone I know is raising money for one cancer charity or another. Yet there is never any talk about men’s health issues and Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Men will boast about their prowess but few, if any, will talk about sexual dysfunction.

Just like male pattern baldness or myopia, ED is normal and common. It affects over 5% of the male population and when those statistics are put into context it is significantly higher as the young and very old are mostly too young or too old to care!

alzheimers man

ED is mostly caused by vascular disease. It is therefore a problem for diabetics and sadly has a direct correlation to age.  40% of men over 40, 50% of men of 50, 60% of men over 60, suffer as well.

Historically, men suffered in silence; they’ve voided sex and consequentially placed their relationships under great strain.

Potions, herbal remedies and snake oil solutions have been around for years. Sadly they are as impotent in outcome as the problem itself.

Vacuum pumps do work. They are ugly glass or plastic cylinders that you place over the penis. Extract the surrounding air via a pump and the vacuum power created draws blood into the shaft to cause an erection. On the romance and spontaneity scale they are not a great hit.

There are various forms of injections. Some claim to work for prolonged periods and others are again for instant gratification. If you fancy sticking a needle into your penis, then fine. Most men do not.

Of course the most recent solutions are the drugs. Viagra, Cialis and Lavitra. These are all known as PDE5 inhibitors. They all do much the same thing. Relax the muscles, open up the capillaries and allow more blood to flow into the shaft. Most work for 1-4 hours although some doctors prescribe a low does Cialis on a daily basis that in theory gives erections on demand.  Side effects caused by these drugs include headaches, flushing and blurred vision. Some users feel just awful and make the whole sexual experience feel outer body and mechanical rather than spontaneous. All these drugs still need external stimulation to work.

It can and does get worse. Many ED sufferers are also on drugs for vascular related diseases. In these cases many of the drugs are contra indicated and can have severe side effects such as a dramatic lowering of blood pressure which can lead to loss of consciousness and even death in some rare cases.

Up until recently there were no longer term cures available on the market. Almost everything is a short term fix.

A medical but physiological based solution that uses the organic qualities of the human body to naturally create new blood supply to the penile area is now available in the UK.

In the UK this is branded as Vigore and is provided by the Regenerative Medical Group across six clinics in London and the South West.

The medical and engineering breakthrough came from the use of low sonar pulses to deal with kidney stones about 20 years ago. By hitting the stones with low sonar pulse energy it was possible to blow the stones apart and then allow them to disperse naturally out of the body. One noted side effect was that where the pulses hit the kidney, shortly after this resulted in the creation of new blood vessels.

Fast forward 20 years and this process has been adapted to provide a long term solution to ED.

A machine is used that sends out shockwaves to 4 parts of the penile area. No pain, no injections, no surgery. Nothing invasive. It feels like a scan. The patient receives 4 twenty minute treatments over a month. The effect of the pulses is to make the body naturally create new blood vessels. This happens about 6 to 8 weeks after the treatment.

So far results go back about 2 ½ years with over 75% success rate for those suffering from ED due to vascular causes. The tests have been international, peer reviewed and published.

This maybe one of the best longer term solutions now available to treat ED. It costs about the same as a hair transplant or a good upmarket eye surgeon. The results are more private but perhaps more pertinent for most men.

Maybe, the old guy at the dance club will just need the Porsche from now on!?