ED doesn’t just affect males – here’s a look at the female point of view.

You might think erectile dysfunction is a problem exclusively suffered by men. To an extent, you’d be right – for obvious reasons – but it’s important to remember that for every frustrated ED sufferer, there’s an equally frustrated partner involved, too.

The female perspective of ED is something which is perhaps often overlooked. But a woman whose husband, boyfriend or partner can herself be subjected to painful distress and psychological concerns.

stressed woman

Sex, as we all know, is a fundamental part of every relationship. This intimacy between partners is imperative to a happy, healthy and long-lasting love life. When a man struggles to perform sexually, this can lead to a damaged relationship which leaves both partners feeling less than optimistic about their future together.

Something which plays on the mind of women whose significant other suffers from ED is undoubtedly how they go about having this conversation with their partner. One thing that we always tell women who get in touch with us is that ED is a very common occurrence – it can happen for a number of reasons, from being a natural part of growing a little older to being stress-related through working long hours. It’s important for women not to feel alone with this – there are millions of girlfriends, partners and wives across the world with the same issue.

Women mustn’t feel that they are themselves to blame for their partner’s poor performance in the bedroom. When the problem first becomes apparent, many women fear that they’ve done something wrong or that they are perhaps no longer attractive to their partner. This couldn’t be further from the truth, and women must remember that impotence doesn’t reflect a change in how attractive their partner finds them.

This mind-set comes from the fact that many women – and men – still view ED as solely a sexual issue. We know, however, that the most common causes are underlying physical problems or psychological issues. Experts say that a lack of education about ED and its causes result in women blaming themselves, whilst also suffering from increasing anxiety, feelings of hurt and – occasionally – anger.

So, what can women do when they are faced with this problem? It’s all about striking a balance – don’t ignore the problem and bury your head in the sand, but don’t try too hard, either. If a woman ‘gives up’ and stops trying to help her partner this will lead down to a breakdown in communication not just in the bedroom, but in the relationship itself. That said, trying too hard to combat the problem will only put added pressure on the man – experts say it can make things even worse.

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Women must not feel rejected and must not take the issue personally. ED need to be treated in the same way as any other relationship issue – you need to be open with your partner and mature enough to calmly discuss it. This is how you will find a solution, together. Use the discussion to let him know that you miss the physical part of your relationship and enjoyed it, and that you want to work together to find a solution.

While over-the-counter drugs might be a quick fix for some, they can take away the spontaneity that most couples enjoy. Vigore gives you the best of both worlds with no side effects and longer term success. For help or advice, male or female, get in touch with us today – you can reach us at enquiries@vigore.co.uk or at https://www.vigore.co.uk/contact-us/.