Clinical paper abstracts

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Supporting materials

The following is a collection of locations and materials from around the world that either operate the treatment or where clinical studies have been completed.


A clinic in Poland offering treatment with Renova and is part of Medical Tourism


Dr. Natalio Cruz - (President of European Society of Sexual Medicine 2015)

Dr. Cruz's profile can be found here:



Published Materials


Attached is an article in the French newspaper about Dr. Droupy a leading urologist in Le CHU de Nimes, who is running a multi-center study on Renova. There are 5 centers in this multi-study and they are all published officially on the NIH database (


Article in Spanish medical magazine quoting two well know doctors with a rough translation of: "This is an innocuous procedure: it really doesn't hurt and it has no side effects. It's short, it is performed in 4 sessions of 15 to 20 minutes each, with acceptable results. And it can be used in those who have contraindications in the use of drugs ", comments Guillermo Gueglio, chief of the Renal Oncology and Pathology retroperineal division of the Italian Hospital, institution that incorporated in March this state-of-the-art-technology that performs the therapy.

Edgardo Becher, doctor from "Hospital de Clinicas Urology Service and director of the Urology Centre (CDU), where this treatment is being used: "it is an interesting therapy because it has the potential to improve the erectile status of the patient increasing the penis microcirculation".

The Netherlands/Czech republic/Israel

*Copy of article from International Journal of Impotence research