Vigore is an advanced technology treatment provided by the Regenerative Medical Group Ltd (RMG.)  RMG has a network of growing clinics, providing expert medical advice for improving long term erectile function.  The focused soundwave technology device, known as Linear Shockwave Therapy (LSWT), is designed to treat the 'source' rather than the 'symptoms' of ED. This should be far more desirable than popping pills before sex or taking painful injections or using awkward pumps. Bring back spontaneity.

Who can benefit from Vigore?

Vigore should be considered if you experience ANY of the below conditions. You do not necessarily need to have the condition of ED to benefit from Vigore.

  • My erections are just not as good or reliable as they used to be.
  • I cannot always  penetrate my partner or maintain an erection for the duration.
  • I am now dependent on pills to have a satisfactory erection and miss the spontaneity and dislike the side effects.
  • I do not respond to the pills.
  • I have diabetes and this has affected my erections.
  • I have had a prostatectomy and whilst I know there may be other damage I would like to find out what Vigore may do to restore some function.
  • The deterioration in my erections has been subtle and just recently noticeable and I want to avoid any further deterioration.
  • “Wind the clock back” and let Vigore restore your sex life.

What to expect?

The strictly private consultation will take place at an out-patient clinic or via a face to face mobile application with Now GP, our simple to use online Doctor service.  All men will undergo basic medical assessment, including a detailed history in order to establish the exact nature and potential cause of the erectile difficulty they are experiencing.  The consultant will determine suitability and recommend you for the treatment.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) in general terms will fall under the following causes:

  • Vascular (including cardiovascular, hormonal or metabolic causes such as diabetic ED)
  • Neurogenic (including post-prostatectomy ED)
  • Psychological (including performance anxiety ED and other psychogenic ED issues).